DuPont™ Corian® is an advanced composite made from natural minerals and pure acrylic polymers. It is extraordinarily versatile on a design level, it has a pleasant feel to it and subtle opalescence. It is available in a large variety of colours and offers long lasting resistance to stains and it can also be reconditioned.


DuPont™ Corian® offers you the freedom to design both interiors and exteriors which associate aesthetic beauty with the capacity to resist the most harsh of environmental conditions.

Its most important characteristics are:

RESISTANCE: Corian® is an extremely hard wearing and versatile material, with which it is easy to live in both domestic and commercial surroundings. It is able to resist blows, scratches and daily wear. It has been tested against heat, stains, UV rays, most acids and bullet penetration.

UNIFORMITY: the colours and the texture are present through the entire thickness of the material and therefore does not wear out. It is a uniform material which does not exfoliate.

REPAIRABILITY: thanks to its uniform make-up and uniform colour, cuts, scratches and burns can be easily removed, in order to give back the original beauty to the product. Even the most serious damage, caused by improper use, are usually repairable.

IMPERCEPTIBLE JOINTS: the joints are imperceptible, they make it possible to create unlimited surfaces in every direction. The edges can be made so as to have whatever thickness you want and extremely long bars can be made in pieces in the lab and then assembled on site with these imperceptible joints.

HYGIENE: as the material is not porous, it does not allow for the growth of fungus, mould and bacteria, like staphylococci and other germs.

NON TOXIC: it is an inert material, non toxic, hypoallergenic and chemically non reactive. In normal temperature conditions it does not emit gas. Thanks to the presence of a tri-hydrate of aluminium, it retards the development of flames; its smoke is optically light and does not contain halogen toxic gas.

STAIN RESISTANCE: it resists stains because liquids cannot penetrate internally. It does not have pores or empty spaces in its mass. Stains deriving from day to day activities can be removed by normal cleaning. Heavier stains can be eliminated with an abrasive detergent and a soft cloth.

RESISTANCE TO BLOWS: if used normally Corian® resists breakage, chipping, cracking and abrasion.

POSSIBILITY TO RE-WORK IT: should it be necessary to modify the use of the room, the current Corian® installations can be moved, amplified or remodelled, so reducing costs deriving from their complete substitution.


All of the information presented on this page comes from informative DuPont™ Corian® material.