Walls in Corian®

paretei e rivestimenti in DuPont Corian

The vertical and horizontal surfaces of a space are its skin, the initial way to come into contact with who lives there.

Gortan has developed a vertical and horizontal system of surfaces in DuPont™ Corian® which literally makes it possible to change the skin of the room. Thermoformed, moulded, decorated (TATTOOX® – Inkedesign Technology and/or 3DTEX® – 3Dtexture Technology) surfaces and modular solutions to cover large and very large spaces making them unique and comfortable.

A hi-tech skin in all ways:

  • a material with a high technical, aesthetic and tactile performance like Corian®
  • a number of evolved technologies which can be applied together on the covering:
    • thermoshaping
    • 3DTEX® – 3Dtexture Technology
    • TATTOOX® – Inkedesign Technology on large surfaces (patented technology)
  • a highly specialised technical staff
  • a flexible productive system able to accompany the company and designer from prototyping, to engineering, to the industrialisation of the entire covering system.

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