Top BimatericoTM (en)


In 2009, Gortan deposited the patent for Bimaterico™, an innovative system of open kitchen tops which are easy to shape, equip and maintain. Large sheets of stainless steel are placed perfectly in line with the top in DuPont™ Corian®.

The year after, the top Bimaterico™ was presented for the first time at Eurocucina 2010.


The top Bimaterico™, through its exclusive patented system for fixing large stainless steel sheets perfectly in line with the Corian® top, guarantees:

Washing, cooking and working area in one “super-household appliance”
The top Bimaterico™ unites appliances, sinks and accessories in one single technical area in steel, so creating the super household appliance.

Perfectly flush surfaces
The surfaces are perfectly flush with the minimum of joins, which are nearly invisible.

Maximum visual purity and aesthetic linearity
Thanks to the lack of unevenness or visible joins, each Bimaterico™ top is characterised by its pure and absolute aesthetics.

Catalogo Top Cucina Bimaterico

Download our Bimaterico™

Catalogo Bimaterico

Download the Top Bimaterico™

Maximum project freedom
The top Bimaterico™ places no limits on the creativity of the designers: shapes, materials, colours, finishes, appliances and accessories can be combined to obtain infinite compositions.

Integration of any appliance or application
It is possible to integrate any appliance, sink, accessory or application on the market or tailor made.

Maximum constructive stability and stable over time.
The top Bimaterico™ has been designed to be solid and resistant: no flexing or bending in transport, assembly or over time.

Maximum conviviality in its use
The technical operational zone is enclosed in the stainless steel leaving a great deal of space for conviviality on the remaining area of the top.

Easy cleaning process
The cleaning process is made simple and easy by the lack of unevenness or voids in the joining areas.

Easy to manage in the assembly phase
The technical zone in stainless steel of the top Bimaterico™ comes out of the manufacturing phase already pre-assembled: no more cuts or further assembly are necessary, so management of assembly onto the kitchen is much more simple.


With the top Bimaterico™, Gortan offers a system of open kitchen tops, easy to put together, equip and maintain.

All of the Bimaterico™ tops from Gortan can be created in any thickness, size or shape (linear, island or L-shaped) to meet each and everyone’s individual needs as far as size, layout and style are concerned.

The technical element in stainless steel is available in simple or complex forms and, in each case, it is possible to create any shape from a design project.

The top Bimaterico™ also has individual features thanks to the fact that different finishes for the parts in steel are available as well as sixteen selected colours of DuPont™ Corian®.

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