Thanks to the constant investments in research and development, as well as over ten years experience and in depth knowledge of DuPont™ Corian®, technologies and processing methods, Gortan is able to work alongside designers and production companies on a path which goes from prototyping and leads to delivery.



At the end of the design phase, prototyping is a necessary step to test and verify the design solutions and techniques before going to production.
Our specialised technical consultants work constantly to provide consultancy and project and operative support.


During the entire production process some sub-processes are constantly repeated. Gortan identifies them and analyses them to improve and optimise them.

The economies of scale introduced by the innovation of production processes and the skills of the processing staff, allow Gortan to guarantee their customers a higher level of processing, shorter and more certain delivery times, extreme flexibility in the industrial processes, the possibility to develop new applications in partnership and reduction of costs in the industrialization.