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The kitchen work top is the part of the kitchen set used for the preparation of food and for this reason it is an area which is used a great deal and very intensively.

But kitchen tops also need to have precise aesthetic qualities which match kitchens which are becoming more and more sought after and evolved in order to show off their attributes.

It is therefore necessary that the top guarantees both a high technical performance (resistance to impacts, scratches, acids and wear, it has to be hygienic, non-toxic and easy to clean, impermeable to liquids even coloured or oily ones, stable and durable over time) as well as being highly visually aesthetic and pleasant to the touch.

Gortan, whose core business is the production of kitchen tops for industry, has always been dedicated to research and technological innovation of both the product and processes.

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The choice to use DuPont™ Corian®, a material which guarantees a high technical and aesthetic performance, alongside particular construction technologies has allowed Gortan to produce kitchen tops with exceptional characteristics,

thanks to the material:

  • no yellowing of the material or glues;
  • glue hold guaranteed;
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on product and manufacturing;

and thanks to the constructive technology and processing:

  • top-grade plywood partitioned chassis;
  • laminated lower perimeter thickness 10/10;
  • the most advanced polymeric glues specifically designed to avoid warping;
  • high constructive resistance (no warping, long term stability even on large scales and at all latitudes/in all climatic conditions);
  • imperceptible bonding;
  • silky surface finish obtained manually;
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on product and manufacturing;
  • cantilever tables reinforced by aluminium bars and/or aluminium honeycomb;
  • rectified top thickness;
  • testing and quality control;
  • product traceability and sheet codes.

The high quality of the materials, processing, technology and processes used by Gortan make sure that an extremely low number of conformity defects occur on the pieces produced (less than 0.5%).

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